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Ladies and gents, welcome to the world of hi-low collaborations for a high price. 

Rick Owens has announced plans to collaborate on a pair of running shoes with Adidas…again. Last time the two companies had a tango earlier this year, the unlikely coupling paired up to release a collection for Fall/Winter 2013 that consisted of five models in three colorways. 

This time around, count out any thought about color, and open your mind to a mix of black, white, grey, pearl, and bone.

The Adidas by Rick Owens designs, which are so far planned for a single season, will retail for $400 to $500. They hit retail in December and will be sold at Rick Owens stores and premium specialty fashion retailers.

Owens plans to unveil the collection at his Paris fashion show on June 27.

Will you be copping? 

SOURCE: High Snobiety