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Day four of jury selection continues, as Circuit Judge Debra Nelson and lawyers determine the best jurors for George Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial.

Yesterday each potential juror was questioned about his or her knowledge of the case. One juror said he thought Zimmerman should have been arrested initially after he shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Another said it was hard not to form an opinion of what was going on, although he didn’t specify where he stood.

To see what the others had to say, click here.

In all, 75 jurors have been dismissed. Jury selection is set to continue for at least another two weeks until six jurors and four alternates are chosen.

So far, 20 Seminole County residents have cleared the pretrial publicity phase.


5:15 PM EST: Potential juror B65 (who was questioned yesterday) is back. She is a black female, age not given.

– Came back to court to talk about the hardships if she were picked to stand in jury

– Yesterday mentioned that she hadn’t heard of George Zimmerman’s name until yesterday.

4:28 PM EST: Potential juror G14 takes the stand. Described as a white female in her 40’s.

– Heard about the case on news, didn’t take to the internet.

– She felt that out-of-town protesters were prompting “a discussion that didn’t need to be had.”

– When asked about Zimmerman not being arrested initially: “I just assumed that there was a reason that he wasn’t.”

– “What I thought I heard was that” Zimmerman “was asked not to follow him, that the police were coming.”

3:58 PM EST: Potential juror P67 takes the stand. Described as a Hispanic man in his 50’s or 60’s.

– Juror saw pictures of George Zimmerman’s injuries. Said that he knows about the protests. Doesn’t think the case is about race. 

– Says he’s not interested in what the lawyers have to say. “I would like to see evidence… real evidence.”

– On Facebook, he posted that he might be a juror. 

3:47 PM EST: Potential juror B67 takes stand. Described as a 30-40 year old Hispanic woman. 

– Juror says not sure she could judge, “I think the only person that can judge is God.”

– Says she’s enrolled in classes, could be a hardship to serve on jury. Court dismisses her and defense does not question her.

3:42 PM EST: Potential juror B34 takes the stand. Male from Puerto Rico.

– Said he and his family seen demonstrations about Zimmermand and Trayvon. Seen it all the time on the news.

– Researched the case after getting court summons and believes that “nobody can take a life.”

– B34 tells court he has already made up his mind.

– Court ends questioning after just a few minutes. Defense never questioned him.

2:43 PM EST: Potential juror N18 takes the stand. Described as a Hispanic male, aged 60-70 years old. First language is not English.

– When asked if he reads the paper, he tells the court he reads the bible instead.

– I believe in God’s law, the 10 Commandments…don’t kill.” But “innocent until proven guilty.” 

– He says he heard on the news that Zimmerman is guilty. Told the court “If I go out and I shoot somebody, I’d be guilty.”

– Also says he prays for both families every night. Says he can’t sleep.

2:04 PM EST: Potential juror K95 takes the stand. Described as a middle-aged white female and a full-time student.

– When asked to describe the case, K95 said that “it was about a gentleman who shot a teenager.”

– Remembers the rallies and recalls being worried about them because Sanford is a small town. 


1:53 PM EST: BREAKING – Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson just announced that the jury will be sequestered and the trial will last two to four weeks.


1:11 PM EST: Potential juror K80 takes stand. Described as a white female in her 40’s.

– K80 is worried about the racial aspect of the trial. Focused on how the jurors will be treated (if names will be released).

– Mentioned that the protests following the shooting were “very disturbing.”

10:37 AM EST: Potential juror E81 takes the stand. Described as a middle-aged white woman.

– First response is that she feels George Zimmerman is innocent. Believes that he was just protecting himself.

– “[Zimmerman] had a bloody nose, his head was cut, I know Trayvon wasn’t beat up like that.” Also said that she believes Trayvon was training to be a street fighter based on photos she saw of him (wrongly cited – he was taping a fight he stumbled upon).

– Says that Trayvon was smoking marijuana. “There was also a picture of a gun. That tells me…he was going down the wrong path.”

– “It seems to me that he’s just looking for a reason to fight and he’s confronted by someone whose trying to protect neighborhood…”

– Believed that Trayvon already had drugs in his system when he was killed by Zimmerman. “My opinion is pretty firm.”

– Tells court that she believes Trayvon’s father was also not in the picture. Says that maybe he would be on the right path if he were. “You’d have to work really hard to change my opinion.”

– Tells the court that she “definitely” believes in the second amendment. Feels safe knowing people legally carry firearms.

9:47 AM EST: Potential juror E75 is being questioned. Described as a young, white male.

– Juror tells court that he seen coverage on the case on Twitter and Facebook, but hadn’t developed his own opinion.

– Juror E75 said he has Facebook friends who knew Trayvon Martin. He felt bad for them. He was a high school junior when Trayvon was shot.

– Juror E75 was also wearing an “Obey” t-shirt. Told to wear a jacket next time.

9:10 AM EST: Potential juror E50 is now being questioned. Described as a retired, middle-aged white male. Lives with his wife and 4-year-old daughter and is originaly from West Virginia.

– When asked what he remembers about Trayvon Martin, he says that he was a “typical teenage boy.”

– Says he remembers the crowds after the killing, but has not formed an opinion. Prefers to watch sports.

– Juror says he has lost a son five years ago, so he understands why Trayvon’s parents have been so outspoken. Says he can not factor that into case to give Zimmerman fair trial.

9:00 AM EST: Court resumes


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