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We made it.

Week one of the George Zimmerman murder trial is down and we have about another four to go. 

It was an emotional week, filled with painful reminders about Trayvon Martin’s murder. His parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, asked for peace and justice while Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, stressed the importance of finding an honest jury.

But the most interesting things were said by those potential jurors. While being questioned during the pretrial publicity stage to see what they knew about the case, they showed out.

And I mean really showed out!

And while many claimed to not know much about the case at all…others were all too opinionated. Others were sad. And others…well, just check it out:

Juror E81, The Hard-Headed One:

This juror was all types of mad. She told State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda that she had made up her mind, and was sticking to it! Here are some of the shocking statements she made about Trayvon.

“I believe George Zimmerman is innocent. My opinion is pretty firm.” – On George Zimmerman’s claim of self defense.

“It seems to me that he’s just looking for a reason to fight and he’s confronted by someone whose trying to protect neighborhood…” – On Trayvon’s attitude. She also believed he had drugs in his system when he was shot and killed.

“I know that he was training to be a street fighter…he was going down the wrong path.” – On what she knew about Trayvon. She also mentioned that his father was not in the picture (which we all know is not true).

BONUS: She also told the court that she “definitely” believes in the Second Amendment and feels safe knowing people legally carry firearms. On to the next…

Juror E50, The Sympathetic One:

Described as a retired, middle-aged white male, juror E50 raised some concerns with his confession about a tragic event in his life.

“I understand why Trayvon’s parents have been so outspoken.” – On losing his own son five years ago. He did, however, assure the lawyers that he could put that aside to focus on the facts of the case. 

Juror B29, The Reality Show Fanatic:

She hates the news and doesn’t know much about George Zimmerman. But it was her preference in shows that made us go “hmmm?” Partly, because we love it too. But she still should watch the news every now and then.

“I don’t watch news, I usually watch Bad Girls Club.” – On why she’s not up-to-date on Zimmerman coverage. 

Juror B37, The Woman Stuck In The Early 1900s:

This woman didn’t know much about the case, but she also proved she didn’t know much about black people.

“Umm, he was a boy of color.” – When asked to describe Trayvon Martin. (side note: “colored” and its derivatives are just…no).

Juror G66, The Hungry One: 

Finally, a juror that actually watches the news! But this juror, described as a white female in her 50s or 60s, wasn’t too concerned about the case because her stomach was growling.

“I felt that the protests were disruptive, I couldn’t go downtown to eat.” – On how much “trouble” the protest following Trayvon’s murder caused.

Juror G47, The Unconcerned Bro:

Described as a white male in his 20s, this juror had a reason for not watching Zimmerman coverage.

“My friends don’t talk about the local news if it doesn’t affect us…A tsunami in Japan or earthquake in India would potentially impact my life more than this case.” – On why he didn’t keep up with the case. 

Juror E7, The Angry One:

It’s simple. He said he didn’t know much about the case, and then this Facebook post popped up. We found out later he went back to the courtroom to confront lawyers about how they got a hold of his private FB post that berated the justice system.

Needless to say…he got the boot.

Juror B35, The Defense’s Fave:

He’s a black man who watches Fox News and Sean Hannity. Oh, and he hates civil rights leaders.

“I don’t believe the killing was racially motivated.” – On his opinion of George Zimmerman. He also called civil rights leaders who focused on racial aspect of the case “so-called.” 

These made the cut but the responses from the other jurors questioned are worth reading too. Here’s another list of some responses that made us go “WTF?”

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