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So here it is ladies, what we have been drafting in our minds for the past few months. The gallery of photos of the man we have been fawning over since the release of his new trailer for Man of Steel. Not only does he have killer looks, but he also has a “melt your soul” accent.

Spandex…enough said. This 6 foot 1 English actor is the new “key to our locket,” “end to our spaghetti,” etc. After Man of Steel broke June box office records during it’s weekend release, it is no wonder we are in need of a shrine for our new Superman, the one and only, Henry Cavill. So drop what you’re doing because there is no way you’ll be able to multitask while scrolling through these sexy pics.

FYI your jaw will drop…enjoy!

“Imagine walking through life never having hugged someone as hard as you can. And you know that you can’t because you could kill them.”


He has a sexy smurk…oh what a smile he has.

He likes to travel, not just to and from the UK.

He looks good with longer hair.

He is caring…can I have a hug?

He looks “words cannot even describe” in a suit.

“People shouldn’t see me as a sex symbol. I’m really just Henry. I’m just telling a story.”

His bod is on FIRE…one could melt just by staring too long.


Of course he looks hot in sunglasses.

He is good to his fans, signing every autograph he can.

“I’m a serious geek. I mean I seriously want to own a unicorn when I’m older . . . or a Pegasus . . . yeah Pegasus sounds better.”

He has picture-perfect abs, more like chizzled.

He is the sexiest superhero…save me?

“So trying to find my space in this industry was very much the same kind of thing that Clark Kent experienced. Over time we become more comfortable in our own skin and so we discover more about ourselves.”- Henry Cavill

Just can’t get enough…kiss me?

He even looks hot when breaking a sweat.

His has killer eyes, just look into them and you could get lost.

He models.

His role in The Immortals.

You’re welcome, ladies.


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