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Nicole Polizzi, better known as Snooki, rose to fame as a star on MTV’s hit series Jersey Shore. Since then, she’s been extremely busy; she’s a mother, has her own spinoff and is managing her growing empire – all while still finding time to hit the gym and hang with her fiance Jionni Lavalle.

Snooki, who lost over 40 pounds and completely turned her life around, has become a voice of sorts for those who are struggling to find their own. Like most celebs, she’s got a huge fan base and an even larger group of haters.

So Snooks decided to send an empowering message to anyone struggling with similar issues through a revealing post on her blog: 

“It’s not a secret that I may not be the most liked person on the planet, especially becaues people love to judge me off of Jersey Shore.  I totally get it, everyone has their own opinion and I realize not EVERYONE is going to like me. I get a lofe of hate, people saying I’m an abomination to society, I should be killed and terrible things about my family. Now it’s totally okay not to like me, but talking about my family is just terrible.”


“So how do I do with these jerks? Well first, I remind myself that I’m not as bad as these people think I am, I’m a great mother, a loving fiance, and a great friend. I also know that they don’t even know me, so I give them the benefit of the doubt, because I know if they ever met me and hung out with me for 5 minutes, they would totally change their minds about me. People can be really cruel, thats just how our society is.”

How does Snooki deal with all this ish? Easy! She stands up to her haters like a true Jersey girl and says, “Bitch please.” 

“Everyone judges one another and EVERYONE has an opinion. It’s up to you to say, Bitch please, you have no idea what you’re talking about because I’m fabulous. I was bullied in high school and I’m beyond bullied as an adult on telelvision, but I refuse to let anyone bring me down because all they talk is nonsense.”

In January, Nicole revealed that she was bullied in high school for “being a pretty cheerleader.”

“The older girls didn’t like us and I feel like they thought we were competition so they would make up nasty rumors about us and even me and you know, they would make me feel like a very low person.”

Snooki ended her blog post with this little tidbit: “Also know that if they are taking the time to let you know their opinion about you, they truly care about you.”

“They care enough to try and bring you down and you couldn’t care less to even let them affect you. You are already winning and people just plain suck. I’m sad to say that there will always be issues with people being rude and ignorant and judgemental, but its up to us to say screw it, I’m fabulous. Don’t ever think you’re anything less than fabulous!”

Nicole has done a lot of growing up since the birth of her first child and proven herself to be quite the role model. Go Snooks! 

Photo credit: Wenn.