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It’s “Keep It Real Wednesdays” y’all. 

Black people love a lot of things, and black people hate a lot of things. What we hate varies from time to time, but there are about 25 things that all black people can agree we hate collectively. 

From bill collectors to extreme heat, black people hate all of that sh*t. 

And yes, some of this sh*t is stereotypical, but come on people, stereotypes didn’t come from make believe. 

So here it goes, these are the 25 things black people hate…

1. Losing. 

2. Disrespect…of any kind. 

3. Being ashy

4. Gratuity 

5. Bill Collectors…

6. And unknown or blocked numbers

7. Getting their hair wet or…

8. …when people ask if it’s “real.” 

9. Scary movies, especially scary movies where…

10. …the one black person dies first. 

11. When black people get on television and act a damn fool.

12. Nature and other outdoorsy shit that could potentially be dangerous. 

13. Undercooked meat…everything needs to be WELL DONE! 


14. Oh, and flavorless food. 

15. And definitely don’t mess with our food. 

16. Extreme heat or 

17. Extreme cold. 

18. White people with ethnic hairstyles like this…

19. And this. 

20. All animals, especially wild ones. BUT….

21. …some of us do like pit bulls. 

22. White people who dismiss racism and prejudice. 

23. People who stare and invade our personal space. 

24. Music with no lyrics. 

25. And obviously, the boys in blue. 

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