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 It looks like Paula Deen has really dug herself a grave this time!

The Southern comfort food recipe Queen was fired from Food Network this past week after evidence was revealed in a deposition that she used racist slurs against black people.

Now, more evidence from her past is coming forward to show that she has used questionable and offensive phrases that imply her views on black people being “slaves”.
A new video from an interview with the NY Times has just been dug up, where she talks about her ancestors having had slaves back in the day.

She told the media outlet of one of her ancestors:

“Between the death of his son and losing all the workers, he went into his barn and shot himself because he couldn’t deal with those kind of changes,” 

“Back then, black folk were such an integral part of our lives, they were like our family, and for that reason, we didn’t see ourselves as being prejudiced.”

Paula then calls over one of her black staff members, Hollis Johnson, and jokes about how he is hard to see against a dark backdrop.

She says of Hollis:

“We can’t see you in front of that dark board!”

Apparently some, viewers aren’t too happy with the Food Network’s decision to fire Paula, which is leading many of them to boycott the network.

Tons of fans have already made a Facebook page to boycott it, and some have even made some pretty shocking comments on the matter.

Some of the comments look like this:

Really thought?!

Check out Paula’s remarks in the video above.