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During her much anticipated testimony in court, the girl who was the last person to speak to Trayvon Martin before his death gave the jury an account of the night that will be key in George Zimmerman’s murder trial.

Rachel Jeantel, 19, was speaking to Trayvon as he walked to the store on the rainy night of February 26, 2012. Witness 8, as she is sometimes called, has been at the center of the case, as she has crucial information that could work in the prosecution’s favor.

She also came under fire once the defense found out she lied about attending Trayvon Martin’s funeral. She previously said that she was in the hospital, but that was later found to be untrue.

Many have speculated about the conversation that she and Trayvon had before he was murdered, and today, she let us all know exactly what happened.

She even talked briefly about that lie, which the defense will most likely lean on to discredit her testimony.

Here are the 13 crucial things she said during the testimony heard around the nation:

1. Despite rumors that she and Trayvon were dating, Jeantel told the court that they had never had an official date and were “just friends.”

2. While talking on the phone to her, Trayvon told Jeantel that there was “a man following” him.

3. “He told me he looked like a creepy ass cracker.” Jeantel on how Trayvon described Zimmerman to her.

4. Trayvon then told Jeantel that he was going to try to “lose the man.” He said that he was going to walk home.

5. A short while later, he says to Jeantel “the nigga is still following me.”

6. Jeantel tells the court what happens after that. She told Trayvon to run and she started hearing wind. He told her he was going to get home “through the back.” The phone then shuts off.

7. She calls back and Trayvon answers. He tells Jeantel he is almost home. She can hear that he is out of breath. He tells her that he “lost” the man following him.

8. A couple of seconds after Trayvon said he lost the man, he says to Jeantel, “Oh shit, the nigga is behind me.”

9. She hears the first exchange between Zimmerman and Trayvon. Trayvon to the man following him: “Why are you following me for?” Jeantel she hears another “hard-breathing man” say “What you doing around here?”

10. She hears a bump, and grass sounds, like people are rolling around or the phone dropped on the ground. She asks Trayvon what’s going on and she hears Trayvon saying “get off, get off.” The phone shuts off again.

11. She tells court that she didn’t hear from Trayvon again. “I had thought he was by his daddy’s house so somebody would come help him. ” On Monday there was a rumor that he was killed. She didn’t find out it was absolutely true until a friend texted her an article.

12. She told the jury that she didn’t realize she was the last person to speak to Trayvon. 

13. After being asked why she lied about attending Trayvon’s wake, she said that she “didn’t want to see the body.” She also added that she felt guilty that she was the “last person to speak to their son.” (Referring to Trayvon’s parents)

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