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Dating an athlete is always a whirlwind!

Elle Varner is getting a taste of that after she just officially made it clear that basketball player Iman Shumpert was her boyfriend.

The new “it” couple has been friends for some time, and dating for a little bit longer than we’ve known, but they’ve been keeping things low key.

Now, Elle is happy to have let the cat out of the bag, and gave a few details about it while on the red carpet of the ASCAP Awards.

She told Hip Hop Hollywood:

“He’s awesome, we’ve been friends for such a long time. Of all the guys that I’ve met throughout being in the limelight, he’s the one guy that really stuck it out and built a friendship with me and it meant a lot.

We are happy. I’m glad I’m not hiding it anymore.  It was a lot of work!

The funny thing is, we would be out all the time and one day, it just showed up on a blog and it was like ‘Whoa!’ I knew it was going to happen eventually, you just have to live your life. That’s my thing!”

We bet! It’s not easy to be in the public eye and try to hide a full-on relationship!

Did you notice how Elle was glowing? You go girl!