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It’s that time of the year where you’ll probably go away! (Hopefully).

Whether you’re heading to the white sandy beaches of the Bahamas, or catching waves in Australia, or maybe chillin’ in your backyard…a vacation is a vacation. Usually the most frustrating part of any vacation is trying to figure out the cheapest flight to take, and the most affordable yet awesome resort or hotel to rest your head without breaking the bank. So while you’re trying to figure that out, we’ll help you figure out what outfits are a must to pack! 

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What’s best about this cute beach bum number is that it’s totally comfortable. You don’t have to worry about stressing over which type of bottom to wear with which type of top. This outfit is aggravation free. Not to mention the dress gives you a pop of color that you’ll need to stand out on the beach. The beach bag is a great size to throw your towel in along with sunscreen, shades, and a refreshing drink. The black bikini is simple and chic and a perfect midriff hip hugger. The sandals are great for throwing on and throwing off as you dip in and out of the beach or pool. If you’re running low on sunblock don’t worry, your beach hat can deflect some of those rays while you stay cool.


This is a can’t go without look! Let’s not kid ourselves, every woman must have a little black dress tucked away somewhere in their closet that they only bring out when they want to show out. On vacation this would be perfect if you’re going out to dinner with your man. Let the dress speak for itself, do not over do it with crazy or huge jewelry or even really eye-popping shoes. Let the dress tell him how good you look! That is why I paired this body-con dress with a simple bracelet and simple necklace. To give your legs maximum length, a nice heel like this won’t allow him to keep his eyes off you. Don’t forget a clutch to add that pop of color!

This crop top and skirt ensemble is definitely the perfect match. The crop top could be paired with any type of bottom, however it just compliments a solid skirt so well. It would be in your best interest to keep the colors of your outfit simple, so you can play up on the color elsewhere. If you’re not a lover of black try white, grey, or even beige. Then you could spice it up and give your outfit some life by wearing bright accessories. I recommend wearing wedges or comfortable heels with this out, because we all know you’ll be on the dance floor for most of the night!

I like to call this one handling business, because not everyone’s vacations consist of lounging by the pool and catching up on their suntans. Some people have business to take care of. The white top is classy and professional while keeping it simple, because in this outfit the pants are the statement piece. When you’re on vacation – I mean work trips – and you have to attend meetings, you want to show everyone that you’re stylish and you can handle business. At the same damn time.


While you’re out shopping, sight seeing, or grabbing lunch, you always want to remain cute while under pressure, especially if you’re deciding to stick to the pasta or to try caviar. The shorts give you a pop of color, the t-shirt is stylish yet functional and comfortable. The gladiator style sandals are edgy, the glasses gives your face some shape, and the hat tops the whole outfit off. All you need now is a cute ring and nice black bag. You’ll look like the total fashionista in this number.

Bon Voyage!