The Daily Grind Video

So let’s talk about the miserable progression of this week…

This is you leaving work on July 3rd:

Tomorrow is going to be EPIC

This is you on July 4th:

During the day…

And by the evening…

But then you wake up on July 5th

and you have to go to work.

All that partying you did last night?

The day hasn’t even started

and all you want to do is

You wish someone had reminded you

But instead your friends told you it’d be fine

Because it basically feels like this

Your inner dialogue:

No chance of being productive

And if anyone tries to talk to you:

And forget looking good:

Your motivation is at an all-time low

All you want to do…

So we hope you partied responsibly.

Now go home and take a nap.

Because we know you’re just going to wake up and do it all over again. It is Friday, after all.