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It wouldn’t be like Mrs. Carter herself if she didn’t switch it up on us. Just last week, Beyonce came back to the States to kick off the second half of her international tour, starting with Los Angeles.

And as usual, King Bey started her US tour with new, updated fabulous wardrobe pieces. That’s right; bring on those killer bodysuits and lavish embellishments, Bey!

During her Europe tour, you know our girl wore nothing but the best from designers like David Koma, Emilio Pucci and of course her favorite, Givenchy.

This time around, Beyonce took a different route. The brain behind these brand new outfits comes from up-and-coming designer Alon Liviné. The Israeli designer was first spotted by Beyonce’s stylists during his New York Fashion Week presentation. Soon after, Beyonce fell in love with his work and set him up with his own place to start working on the tour pieces.

Liviné first put together Beyonce’s red gown with the waist high slits for the “Standing in the Sun” number. This time around, Bey will still give us the leg baring cuts, but modified in watercolors for her back up dancers.

And it doesn’t just stop there; the designer revealed his Swarovski encrusted scarlet corset for Mrs. Carter and her dancers. Check out the sketches courtesy of Alon Liviné below. 


PHOTO CREDIT: Alon Livine, Beyonce’s Instagram

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