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As the temperature drops, it’s that time of year again… Cuffin’ season! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, cuffin’ season is when singles drop the front, the games, the excuses, the ‘too good to settle down’ attitudes – all of the above… and couple up in time to heat up the cold days to come. If you’re already in a relationship, congratulations and best of luck! But for all you singles, let’s face it, summer has since passed and the flirting-for-no-reason attitude is old news. Forget about the summer fling, the guy or girl who you’ve been on-and-off with for who knows how long, and most definitely forget the person who holds no certainty whatsoever. It’s on to the next, right? Find that one person with whom you connect with on multiple levels. If you connect with someone physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually… Chances are, that person is worth being cuffed. Or to be more formal about it, that person may just be a good candidate for the title as the ‘one and only’. Don’t be afraid to jump in and test the waters. In preparation for this soul binding season, I’ve gathered a number of amazingly exceptional songs from past to present that’ll put a heart at ease and open to whatever lays ahead! 

Click on to get started on your ready to cuff and be cuffed playlist!


To start it off, remember this hit? Fabolous ft. Tamia‘So Into You’

‘I really like what you’ve done to me, I can’t really explain in. I’m so into you.’


‘All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend. Down to ride to the very end, it’s be and my boyfriend.’ Jay Z & Beyonce – ‘Bonnie and Clyde’


‘I can take the stars out the sky for you. There’s nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do. f I could be your girl.’ Beenie

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