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Iconic celebrity, Madonna, celebrated the launch of the Material Girl Line at Macys in Herald Square last night in NYC, with her daughter/designer, Lourdes Leon, and the line’s spokesperson, Taylor Momsen, right by her side.

As a teenager, Lourdes has already started her career in designing with the launch of the Material Girl Line, and admits that she gets most of her fashion inspiration from her very own mother! “All of her shoes are ridiculous, I love trying on her Louboutin’s!”, Lourdes gushed about her mom at the Material Girl celebration. Definitely can’t say I blame her on that one, Lourdes takes dressing up in mom’s closet to a whole new level!


Madonna stood next to Taylor and her 14-year old daughter on the pink carpet last night and joked around while they were asked questions about working together and the new clothing line.

When asked about her daughter’s style, Madonna jokingly stated, ‘Everything looks good on her! I’m kind of jealous’, and admitted that she dressed nothing like her daughter at her age. Well, both of them definitely have a cool sense of style, an look absolutely amazing. Like mother, like daughter!


Taylor looked like a rockstar, showing off her signature long legs and heavy dark eyeliner.

Definitely can’t wait to see the Material Girl Line take off!