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I love Rihanna, and while watching a rerun of Friends on television last night, and reading this amazing blog on Buzzfeed, I had a striking revelation. She’s sort of like Jennifer Aniston. The 5’9 beauty from Barbados has many similarities to the Hollywood powerhouse known as Jennifer Aniston and as Rihanna continues to film her acting debut, being compared to someone as great at Aniston is a big freaking deal. 

So as we begin to take you down a road where Rihanna and Jennifer Aniston share a lot of the same things, we ask that you get your popcorn ready because this is going to be one hilariously eye opening blog. 


Eminem – Did you know they both either worked or wanted to work with Eminem. I’m sure you have all heard I Love The Way You Lie, but did you know Eminem and Jennifer Aniston were both tapped for a Nike advertising campaign, to do a comedy rap for the ad. Rumors say Brad Pitt called Jenn and talked her out of the collaboration. ~ Source


GQ Magazine – Both of them are sexy and both of them revealed a lot of skin for their GQ Magazine covers. 

[pagebreak] Break Ups – They both went through very public break ups. Rihanna ended her relationships in the public eye, and Jennifer Aniston still answers questions about Brad Pitt.

[pagebreak] Acting – Jennifer Aniston is an accomplished actress who has starred in numerous movies and TV shows. Rihanna is currently filming her first movie Battleship.

[pagebreak] Famous Friends – Rihanna has a lot of famous friends including Katy Perry, Jay-Z and Beyonce. Jennifer Aniston was on Friends and everyone on that show has become incredibly famous since the show went off air.


Oprah Loves Them: Oprah loves both of these ladies.