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Rapper/lyricist Skillz and singer/songwriter Raheem DeVaughn team up, producing a song titled, ‘Call Me Crazy’. The lyrics in this song are certainly ones that almost any person can identify with. With the opening verse, Skillz kicks it off, getting straight to the point.

‘I’m diggin the whole steeze yo. Coolest summer breeze flow.
Said she had a man, I should be slow.
I said, you also got the lease, you could leave, yo!
She just laughed, like, I could see that.
It’s called humor; you might need that.
Ya man? I dont know where he at,
But if you ain’t happy then maybe you should be that.’


[pagebreak]Call the man crazy all you want, he just wants to make the girl his! Wining and dining her, taking her by the water, the ice, expressing his emotions, and serenading her with words like, ‘I could call you my baby, I could call you my lady. I know I’m trippin’, you could call me crazy.’

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