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BMW officially unveiled the MINI Scooter E concept in London with an interesting feature -a central console that lets you snap-in a smartphone like the iPhone (watch the video).

Through the smartphone, the driver can turn on the Scooter and handle vehicle information, communication, and navigation.

You’ll notice some similar design specs on the Scooter as with the MINI car. They have the MINI Countryman headlights; the MINI Cooper S steering wheel (Handgrips); and the Centre Speedo dial face and instrument panels.

MINI says the Scooter E concepts were designed for the ‘changing landscape in environmental and urban road traffic conditions’ and will be targeted towards the ‘young, ecologically conscious driver.’


The MINI Scooter houses a smaller version of the electric power plant found in the MINI E electric car. The rear-wheel, lithium-ion powered electric motor gives the Scooter zero emissions.


The Scooter comes with its own retractable charging cable, located in the rear of the vehicle, and could potentially allow riders to charge their Scooter’s at a normal power socket.



No production date has been released, but in the meantime CHECK OUT MORE PHOTOS, and WATCH the VIDEO.




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