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Lorenzen Wright was found dead in the wooded area 15 miles of Southeast Memphis, Tennessee. According to his family, Wright had been missing since July 18, and as we reported a couple of days ago, they suspected that foul play might have been involved in the athlete’s disappearance.

Although the police are still looking into the matter, reports are circulating that Wright had been shot. Further investigation is necessary, but they suspect that he died by his own hand. However, Wright supposedly had a large amount of cash on him when he went missing.

The AP reports that:

Relatives and friends of Lorenzen Wright gathered Wednesday and grieved for the former NBA player who has been missing for 10 days, as police investigated the discovery of a man’s body outside of Memphis.

Wright’s uncle, Curtis Wright, told The Associated Press that police called the player’s father, Herb Wright, Wednesday afternoon with the news he had died.

Sgt. Alyssa Macon-Moore of the Memphis Police Department wrote in an e-mail to the AP that police were investigating the death of an unidentified man beside a wooded area about 15 miles south of downtown Memphis. Asked if the man was Wright, she wrote they could not confirm the victim’s identity Wednesday night.

The family issued a statement through a cousin of Lorenzen Wright, Camella Logan: ‘Lorenzen’s family has come together to mourn his loss and honor his legacy. We appreciate your thoughts, prayers and condolences as they are comforting at this very difficult time. Additionally, we ask that you please respect our privacy as we try to cope with his sudden loss.’