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Hola GG heads! Is it me or has this 2010 NBA free agency been a complete MESS! Let’s be real… there are many sides to the story of why decisions were made, who met with who, etc. etc. But can the damn season start without all this speculation, hate, and drama? 

I’m from Miami and yes there is a level of pride and anticipation for this season to begin to see what Wade, James, and Bosh will bring to the city, but this doesn’t mean its gonna be a piece of cake. 

If the other teams just lie down and there is no competition what would be the point of the NBA? There are plenty of other players who bring talent to other teams. So all this Miami HAS to win talk needs to stop.

Side Note: The so called ‘business men’ that have been talking sideways about their former players (I.E: Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and Toronto Raptors General Manager Bryan Colangelo) need a reality check. Yes we know you’re losing money, yes we know you have no more ‘hype’ in your city, but sounding like a 10 year old who didn’t get the bike you wanted for Christmas make it no better. All the time wasted writing letters and doing interviews could be spent coming up with another strategy. 


But I’m a Miami girl so u know who I’m rooting for! #TeamMiamiHeat =)

-Shay Bae

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