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Bow Wow is gearing up for the release of his new movie Lottery Ticket and he has his eyes on big things. Bow Wow is following many rappers before him trying to make the jump from music to movies. Rappers like Mark Walberg, Will Smith and Tupac, Bow Wow seems to be taking his new talent very seriously. I asked Bow Wow if he ever had the chance to meet Tupac since he came up in the game with Snoop Dogg and he shares an amazing Tupac story.

‘Yes I have had a chance to meet Pac. Twice! (He told me) ‘Get out the booth.’ Literally! I was little and I remember sneaking into the booth while he was actually working on the Me Against The World album.’

Bow Wow continues ‘I remember it like it was yesterday. He had on the reading glasses and everything in the booth. It’s eerie talking about it now, but it was definitely an honor to watch one of the greats do what he does best.’ 

The So So Def rapper has his eyes set high saying in 5 years he expects to be on ‘Will Smith status! That’s what I see and that’s what I want and I am going to go get it and I’m going to do whatever I have to do. He has inspired me. Guys like him and LL Cool J. LL is one of my idols… I just want to be the best.’ 

Bow Wow Addresses Rumors He’s Back With Angela Simmons, Click Next [pagebreak]

Bow Wow has also had his name tied to a few different women as of late including Kat Stacks and Angela Simmons. When I asked Bow Wow his relationship status and about his dealings with women being similar to his new role in Lottery Ticket he says

‘I’m not with anyone, I’m just focused on my career, nothing at this moment is more important than my career. I feel like once you feel like sky’s the limit and you’re in the hot seats you got to stay focused at the task at hand. Right now my task is really trying to be the next Will Smith. You got to keep all your weaknesses away and my weakness is women. I love women too much. Which has definitely road blocked me. I just try my best to channel my energy to other things and remain focus while making my work as fun as everything else. I’m having a lot of fun taking on this new stage in my life becoming a man.’




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