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Shirley Sherrod is still steaming about what happened to her last month. Sherrod recently sat down with HuffPost and talked about everything that has happened since she was fired by the USDA and the Obama administration. 

Sherrod held nothing back as she railed against Fox News;

‘I’ve had many requests from Fox but I’ve refused all of them,…’I don’t feel that Fox will be fair in their reporting of anything I say. They didn’t reach out to me before they put it all out there. There was no attempt by Fox or Breitbart to reach out to me to at least get a statement about what they were putting out… I have a closed mind at this point with them.’

Sherrod isn’t holding any punches and why should she? Falsely accused of something she didn’t do, losing her job and being humiliated, Sherrod has every right to call out Fox News on their bullsh*t. We support Shirley Sherrod her voice was heard and she continues to let it be heard.

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