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Wyclef Jeanwill not be the next President of Haiti, the electoral council of Haiti has decided that Wyclef was not on the list of approved candidates who satisfy legal requirements to run in the election.

A representative from the CEP, Haiti’s electoral council, announced to the press after Wyclef met with Haitian President Rene Preval for more than two hours on Thursday.

Wyclef told the Associated Press that he felt the exchange with Rene Preval was positive.

“I feel good,” the former Fugees frontman said. “I feel that the president that I voted for five years ago is the same person that was sitting in front of me today.”


The country’s electoral council, which is known as the CEP, was supposed to release the presidential candidate list on Tuesday, but postponed the decision.

It was a long shot for Wyclef to get chosen, Haiti’s electoral law requires candidates to have five consecutive years of residency in Haiti, among other requirements, such as tax compliance. Wyclef has said he meets those requirements. Well, apparently Wyclef didn’t, better luck in 2015. 

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