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The 82nd Annual Academy Awards airs tonight, March 7th at 8e|5p and while some New York residents won’t be able to view the awards I had a brilliant idea. This year the Academy has made a few changes set to boost ratings, but I have a better idea. Instead of playing the music when people go over the allotted speech time, just send out Kanye West

Think about it, when Sandra Bullock is busy thanking the person who clipped her toenails in between filming scenes of the Blindside, in struts Kanye with his limited edition bottle of VS Hennessey in hand to say “I’m really happy for you…”  Think of how entertaining that would be?

When the casts of ‘The Hurt Locker’ are on stage each thanking some guy who got his lunch money stolen and his Fruit of the Looms pulled over his head daily in school, Kanye West can prance on stage like “I’mma let you finish…” 

My idea will make for great television, and rating will shoot through the roof. Just imagine when the visual effect guys who created the blue people in Avatar are on stage talking about mega pixels, ram and all sort of geek stuff, Kanye West can Stanky Leg on stage, and rant about which movie he thought was the “greatest of all time… of all time!” 

Now surely the Academy won’t allow this to happen, but still imagine if they did, it would be great. It would be funnier than Dave Chappelle, old Martin episodes and Seinfeld reruns with Family Guy clips for the commercials. So while I’m not watching the 82nd Annual Academy Awards because of an ABC blackout in New York, I’ll be thinking… Where is Kanye West when you need him? 

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