The Daily Grind Video

by Jim Jones

The way it all comes together is wild. I was in the Garden State Plaza Mall in New Jersey going to buy some sneakers, and I’d been “Mr. Curse Somebody Out.”  And I hear somebody telling me, “What I told you about that, man? Stop cursing these people out.” I turned around and it was big bruh, Reverend Run. I’m like “Man, what’s poppin? You need to let me do one of them records over.” He was like, “Get the record and send it to me.” Then that next week, like that Monday or Tuesday he ended up sending me the “Wishing On A Sucker MC” record. He was telling me he had a surprise for me. So I went down and met him at DJ Cassidy’s studio, who produced the track. It went down there.

The record is important, it was a dream come true. That’s one of the first fly dudes I laid my eyes on coming up watching this rap game. That was Run DMC, “whose house” and all that. They did damage. They are the main reason you wear Shelltoes. R.I.P Jam Master Jay, he’d always be up in Harlem. You’d catch him on 125th street all the time.

“My Adidas/posted on 25th street…” I had small feet back when those kicks came out. I couldn’t really get the Shelltoes, they ain’t make kid sneakers like they do now a days. I had to wait until I got a little bit older to get an official pair of Shelltoes. The first pair of kid Adidas they made was the Stan Smiths back in the day. I got those for my birthday, I’ll never forget. That was the closest thing I got to Shelltoes when I was younger.

But when I got older and got my first big check I moved on to bigger things like cars. I bought the Cadillac truck with the flatbed in the back, the EXT. I got it when they first came out in ‘01-’02, it was the all white Cadillac truck. I was tearin’ Harlem up in that thang. I bought some jewelry too. Shouts to Ivy. We went crazy in the diamond district of Manhattan and bought the big Diplomat chain and all types of stuff.

The jewelry was like the cape on Superman. It’s still like the cape on Superman. I just been in it so long, I tend to simmer down a little bit on the jewelry. I still bring it out on the proper days at the good events when you have a lot of stunners. Bring the ice stone on out, but for the most part you see me, not too much on. I do a couple of ice pieces, but for the most part I’m chillin’. Y’all know I can get floody, tsunami this game and all that. Haha.

Jim Jones