Biggie Smalls: The Man, The Fashion, The Influence


Dear Christopher ‘Frank White’ Wallace, on the anniversary of your death, I just came to pay homage…

Biggie will forever go down in history as one of the most noted rappers in hip-hop.  However I think we often leave out the fact that he had the strongest influence on fashion, and attributed greatly to the acceptance of high end fashion houses into urban homes. In a day in age now where brands cling to celebrity endorsements to solidify its validity in urban communities Biggie did it effortlessly. Now we all no, and remember seeing Bill Cosby wear those silly sweaters each week as Cllff Huxtable on the Cosby Show, but it would take a huge influence and a muster of confidence to pair that same Coogi sweater with Timberland wheat construction boots, and a Yankee fitted. Then to later mature the look with a Kangol hat, Versace shades, and Wallabee shoes. Not only was this look a huge stretch away form the uniform of Brooklynites, it carried a pretty hefty price tag. But thats what Fashion and being dope is all about, being the first to set to a tone, while allowing others to follow suit. Groovey Lew (Big’s Stylist) and Biggie Small created a movement , that I feel has never been matched to date. Though there are many rappers that come and start a new wave of something, Biggie created a Legacy.



Do you remember how clean you thought the, 300lb man looked in linen pants and Versace silk shirt riding shot gun in reverse down a highway, shades never sliding off once as he and Puff avoided a date with death? His effortless look wasn’t because he’s cool and form Brooklyn (as so many of you Brooklynites want to believe). It said to us that you to can be adorned in Vesrace and look this cool. Versace scored majorly when  Biggie began to wear his looks. Weigh the difference in the personality of Biggie and vision of Versace. Here we had a former drug dealing Brooklynite, who rapped about ‘blunts and broads, menage trois, sex in expensive cars’, and a Fashion house that merged the integrity of fine fabrics with the forward thinking of its Italian eponymous designer. The marriage was so opposite that it perfect! He will forever to mentioned and thought of as the poster child for Coogi, Kangol, and Versace. You will always see a ‘Red and black Lumber jack’ , and automatically think, ‘with the hat to match’ So on the day that we celebrate a life that was taken to soon, lets embrace the fashion and influence that is NO- NOTORIOUS!!!

Also I have added some of my favorite Biggie fashion lines from a few of his songs! Let me know what you loved most about BIG, as I will be checking back all day on the comments!

Happy Biggie Day

‘Forever in Fashion’


Special Bonus of all Big’s Fashion Quotes and Video On The Next Page!!



‘I put hoes in NY on that DKNY, Miami DC prefer Versace, all Philly hoes dont wear Moschino, every cutie with a bootie want a Coogi.’ -Hypnotize

‘Timbs for my holligans in Brooklyn’ -Hypnotize 

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