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It’s been a hell of a week in the political arena and it was dominated by Republican greed. G.O.P. voters questioning Obama’s citizenship and Christian bibles in schools. With all these FAILS going around it’s kind of hard to keep track, but we found a way to bring you the biggest ones of the week.

Class warfare is breaking out in Wisconsin as Republican Governor Scott Walker constructed a new bill. It would destroy unions that represent teachers, social workers, and over 100,000 public employees at the same time keeping the unions that supported him. Walker is also making huge cuts to schools, health care and public transportation. Why is he doing this? The same old Republican excuse, to save money. But at what cost? The burden shouldn’t be on the teachers and the working class, it should be on the rich who are getting the tax breaks. Wisconsin, like Egypt, will explode is something isn’t done.

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In Christian news, the Kentucky Senate approved new legislation allowing the Christian bible to be studied in public schools. It has been submitted for House review and Sen. Joe Bowen is supporting this legislation 110 percent. Bowden told a local news station that ‘No doubt about it, the most important book ever written and obviously, it’s had so much influence on our society and all of Western civilization.’

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Bowden is correct, the bible has its place in the world but should it have its place in the classroom also? The issue here isn’t whether or not it should be allowed, but the fact that a choice isn’t given. Would a Muslim mother want her child learning text from the bible? And what ever happened to separation of church and state?


Two years after being sworn in as President of the United States, Barack Obama is still not considered to be an American. Well, at least according to GOP primary voters, who believe President Barack Obama was not born in the United States. This is like a pesky fly hovering around your food no matter how many times you try to swat it away. It keeps coming back to bother you. 

We polled our faithful GlobalGrind audience, and an astounding majority believed that yes indeed, Obama was a natural born citizen of the United States of America.

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