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Good Saturday morning all the way from sunny L.A.! All Star Weekend 2K11 is officially on and poppin’. You know what that means: parties, celebrities, basketball and music. Rappers, rockers, music, fashion, film and sports all on collision course to absolute cool as shit. It is unreal out here right now, from this weeks rare Cali rain storms to last Sunday’s Grammy Awards. Arcade Fire pulled a surprise and won Album of The Year with their album, ‘The Suburbs.’ They beat out Eminem‘s “Recovery,” Katy Perry‘s “Teenage Dream,” Lady Antebellum‘s “Need You Now,” and Lady Gaga‘s “The Fame Monster.” What else is surprising is the buzz surrounding new artist Kendrick Lamar.

We start this week with L.A.’s newest local star who has taken the music game by storm. If you don’t know Kendrick Lamar, he is the west coast right now. He’s not your typical Compton rapper complete with gang affiliations, but rather a new breed MC who embodies all that is cool about hip hop music. His flow could remind you of a myriad of MC’s from Jay Z to Pac. He’s a walking Fashion Show that keeps it Compton down his Chuck Taylors. The 23 year old Lamar dropped Vanity Slave, which features Gucci Mane, a few weeks back. But it’s not what you think. Kendrick introduces us to his futuristic style via his witty word play. Gucci Mane’s adlibs ride this track perfect. It’s very reminiscent of Jeezy on Kanye’s Can’t Tell Me Nothing. This record is crazy in L.A. right now. You hear it in cars, at parties and in barbershops. Even Dr. Dre passed through at a recent Lamar show to pay his respects to Compton’s newest flame. Sooner than later you’ll hear Kendrick Lamar on Dre‘s long awaited “Detox” album and the highly anticipated mix-tape with J Cole.

Plus check out my Saturday Morning Mix for GlobalGrind below.


Next up, Eminem blesses us with “Fly Away” feat. Just Blaze. It’s to my understanding this track didn’t make the Recovery album. My response is really? The record is incredible and lit up the blog universe this week when it leaked. The track is produced by Just Blaze so you know it’s official. Like a great Hollywood actor, Just Blaze’s production plays a great supporting role to Em’s lyrics. Just is even on the hook in auto-tune but you won’t hate it. Eminem spits

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