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GlobalGrind chopped it up with the legendary Julius Erving last night. Mr. Erving, better known as Dr.J, was in Los Angeles for the NBA All Star Game Weekend and is being honored by Hennessy with the Hennessy Privelege Award.

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The award, presented by Russell Simmons, was for Erving’s many contributions and involvements in community affairs, entertainment and athletics post his retirement from basketball. It was presented at the ‘Hennessey Presents The Conversation Erving-Simmons Mentorship Dinner’ which was a meeting ground where experiences and information were traded freely between older players and younger atlethes and entertainers.

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‘The converation is mentoring dinner where we have an audience of young and old athlethes and young and old artists from sports and the entertainment fields. We try to have a conversation about the older persons past and present and the younger persons present and  future,’ Dr. J said via telephone hours before the events kick off.

‘We have various subjects and categories that we want to get into,’ Dr. J said, explaining that the dinner will be like most dinners where big families meet. ‘We have various areas and categories we wanna get into. They’re probably too numerous to get into but the conversations are gonna evolve.’

Erving said he’s looking forward to spending time with his family during the All Star Weekend.

‘There are some things that are gonna be shared experiences,’ said Irving, ‘we are gonna attend the game and the Legends Brunch. There’s a players party I may make a cameo at.’

When asked what sneakers he was looking forward to seeing, Erving replied: ‘I am a Converse man, still am. I am only paying attention to Converse.’


Russell Simmons and Julius Erving at The Conversations Mentorship Dinner sponsored by Hennessy.


The Hennessy Privilege Award Dinner.


Dr. J’s size 15 Converse sneaker. On eBay for $10,000.


Dr. J as a New York Net.