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Cou•gar [koo`ger]- a 35+ woman who dates younger men.

Last night was the premiere episode of ABC’s ‘Cougartown’. It stars Courtney Cox (‘Friends’, ‘Scream’) as a 40-something divorcee’ with a teenage son who is trying to come to terms with aging and dating. 

In the real world, being a cougar is as common as plastic surgery. Me, personally, Im all for cougar-ness (I think I just made that word up), because I think being a cougar gives women the confidence they might lack after a divorce or failed dating experiences.

Here are my favorite Hollywood Cougars and the men who love them:

Ashton Kutcher, 31 and Demi Moore, 46


Nick cannon, 28 and Mariah Carey, 39


Jesus Luz, 22 and Madonna, 51

Gabriel Aubry, 33 and Halle Berry, 43



David Arquette, 38 and Courtney Cox, 45



If you haven’t seen Courtney Cox’s new series ‘Cougartown’, you are missing out! The show is hilarious and it brings the funny to this season’s new shows. Heres the first episode.

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