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Hello Loves, It’s me your girl Courtnee Mason from VH1’s “You’re Cut Off!” 

Ok so, how many of you all have been in an uncomfortable situation?  You know… situations that you really just cannot get out of or didn’t understand why you were put in it in the first place??  Let’s just say I have been there and done that.  As you know this week’s episode on “You’re Cut Off!” we go camping (#mythoughtsexactly), and we were taken out of our comfort zone. Side Note: If you have never been camping my advice to you is DON’T lol… no seriously if you go BE PREPARED FOR ANY AND EVERYTHING!!

When we arrived at the campgrounds all I could think was “Why in the world did I have to come with people who has never been camping before”?  I knew that this particular challenge would literally be just that  … “A Challenge”.  What I have learned is that in every situation there is a lesson to be learned, and until you learn that lesson you will continue to experience that same test.



[pagebreak]Right now I am in a situation where I am constantly thinking “What’s Next for Me?”  Seemingly I picked a wonderful career in the modeling and entertainment world, but the constant search for what’s next takes a toll on you as an actress/model/host/business owner.  Just like camping I am in an uncomfortable situation with people who can not necessarily get me out of my current place.  So right now I am taking the lessons from my camping experience and finding how to make do with what I have. 

My friend Patricia always told me “You have not, because you ask not.” She wasn’t saying it in the sense of ask for everything in hopes that it will be handed to you , but more along the lines of opportunity and promotion. If you have an idea make a proposal and submit it or If a promotion is well over due ask in a professional manner.  Patricia basically was telling me never be afraid to ask for help or guidance.

[pagebreak]So now putting my camping experience and my pride aside Iet’s just say… I have a few ideas that I am working on. After all I have to do this on my own since I am CUT OFF! You can call me Pinky and The Brain (muha ha ha ha ha ) lol. Let’s just say watch out World here comes Courtnee Mason!!!!

I have always been taught “In order to go somewhere you have never gone before, you must do something you have never done before.”  (Thanks Mr.Lucky and Precious for that constant reminder)

One goal of mine is to be in one of Tyler Perry’s movies… hopefully he will see this and give me a call. Victoria Secret  I want to be a Victoria Secret Angel (Tyra Banks & Gisele Bundchen can ya’ll make that happen) in your Fashion Show at the end of the year too.  

[pagebreak]Movie directors (Spike Lee…),Producers and casting agents I didn’t go through this process for nothing… CALL ME! J I know yall must be thinking ‘wow that’s pretty daring’ huh!?! But isn’t that what you got from this? “You have not because you ask not” right ?? lol.

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