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There’s nothing better than a successful day of vintage shopping. I was on tour in Canada and stopped in Sudbury Ontario, which is definitely not the place to shop til you drop, but right outside my hotel there was like a small vintage joint called ‘One Love’. I was in heaven and yes completely in love!

I found these awesome 70’s flared overalls and this amazing customized hat- think Jim Morrison esque. Definitely two of my favourite pieces in my closet or in my suitcase! 😉


When it comes to shoe magic, I’d have  to say my cream ankle cowboy boots that I got at a place called Western City in Toronto which to my dismay is no longer there. But hey, I guess I got what I needed from them!


Sooo in summary, if you dig cowboys keep your eye open for another Western City. Also check out ‘One Love’ if you’re ever in the Sudbury area , but if you’re not don’t stress. I’m sure you’ll find your treasures when and where you’re meant to.

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