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I am a Barnes & Noble-a-holic. In other words, if I ever disappear for an extended period of time you maywant to send the Search & Rescue team to the magazine section at Barnes & Noble. A few days ago while flipping through GQ; I overheard a conversation between two women in their early 20’s. For the sake of this story let’s call them Julie and Rebecca.

“OMG, her abs look amazing, “said Rebecca.

“OMFG. Her abs look like squares of a Hershey’s chocolate bar,” replied Julie.

“LMFAO. I wishhhhhhhh I could look like that. I’d wear belly shirts all winter if I had that body.
Forreals,” added Julie.

Julie grabbed her magazine and walked over to the long line of people standing at the check-out counter. On a Saturday afternoon at Barnes & Noble in Union Square (New York City), the lines are so long you would think they were giving away free books, food, music, advice and relationships.

I watched Julie ruffle through her purse. A small bag of Cheetos magically appeared. She quickly ripped open the bag and before you could say “the orange residue on your fingers from the Cheetos will stain your magazine receipt” she popped a few Cheetos into her mouth.

I ask you, “How in heaven will Julie ever get the Hershey chocolate abs if she keeps stuffing Cheetos in her mouth?”

You answer, “Only if the abs-Gods intervene. But they are too busy working with Oprah so it will never happen.”

The conversation I overheard resembles the conversations I have with my NBA clients; although they aren’t talking about flat stomachs and long legs. With these athletes, the conversations involve wanting more: more playing time, more shots, more All Star games, more playoffs, more winning, etc.

My response, “If you want more, than you have to be Amazing and to be Amazing means you have to do Amazing things.’

In Idanics, this means addressing the disconnect between wanting more and achieving more. It requires an unwavering faith in yourself and commitment to Amazing that can only be found in the deepest parts of your soul.

It takes shape in the form of physical and mental preparation at the highest level of intensity, focus and efficiency maintained 24 hours per day, 365 days a year over the course of a career.


A great example of this commitment to ‘Amazing’ is a commercial that aired a couple of years ago with Carmelo Anthony and Brand Jordan. The commercial was so poignant because it highlighted the level of intensity and effort Carmelo applies to all aspects of his life.

He is Amazing when he practices; he is Amazing when he plays; he is Amazing with his off-the-court business; he is Amazing with the community; he is Amazing with his fans; he is Amazing with his family; and he is Amazing with his generosity.

Applying this rational to our lives and–absent amazingly absurd genetics–to be Amazing requires a commitment to Amazing. In other words, become militant with your diet and your exercise habits; visualize your goals; believe in your visions despite what everyone else may think; maintain a