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This is Part One of a series of ‘Cookin with Crush’ posts that will help busy people stay on track by providing them with healthier replacement options to their normally unhealthy food choices. Whether you’re trying to get your sexy on before the end of summer, eager to start a healthier eating regime, or just trying to maintain your look, these suggestions will help you stay on the right track.

Doctors and nutritionists try to ram it down our throats how important diet is as it relates to optimum health but what they DON’T tell you is HOW to fit it into most people’s extremely busy lifestyles. When it comes to making changes in our diet, most of us are reluctant to give up the things we love to eat for healthy options that we don’t think taste as good. What many don’t realize is that there are great options that taste just as good as those loaded with calories and sugar. The one concept to remember that will without a doubt get things popping right away is ‘SUBSTITUTION’. No need to TOTALLY give up the things you love; Just limit how many times a month you eat them and find substitutes when you find you are having ‘too much of a tasty thing’. Here’s one example:

Yeah, I know! Its summer and it’s hot than a mug out there. But ladies, if you really want to look hot in your bikinis, tank tops and belly shirts: eating ice cream on a regular basis is not what’s hot in the streets.  Now, there is no need to TOTALLY give up those ice cold summer treats. Just a few substitutions and some clever replacements and you’re well on your way to less calories and showing more skin than flab.
Dairy ice cream is probably the most popular summer treat we reach for, but the sugar and fat content will quickly put the brakes on your summer look. Did you know that 2 scoops of ice cream can contain anywhere from 160 to 400 calories depending on the flavor? Add sprinkles or your favorite topping and you’ve just consumed about half of your caloric intake for the DAY and doubled your daily sugar intake. Did you also know that between 30 and 50 million Americans are lactose intolerant? The disorder is more common in some ethnic groups than in others.
For example, up to 75 percent of all adult African Americans and Native Americans and 90 percent of Asian Americans are considered to be lactose intolerant. In contrast, people of northern European descent are less likely to be lactose intolerant. Some of us have symptoms and don’t even know it. The symptoms include, abdominal pain, diarrhea, flatulence (passing gas), and, less commonly, abdominal bloating, abdominal distention, nausea, and yes, bubble-guts.

Try substituting ice cream for frozen yogurt. You can still get the cone, the cup or the sprinkles, but you’ve just knocked out almost half of the calories that come with this summer time treat. For those of us that want a treat but KNOW we’re lactose intolerant, this is where fruit sorbet and sherbet make a great option.






How about a cold fruit cup, watermelon, or sliced banana. If you’re chilling at the crib and you have a

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