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Every time I walk out onto that stage I’m reminded of just how powerful a dream can be.   As a young man I dreamed of being a comedian and I knew that if I truly dedicated myself to my dream that I would be a man who could bring laughter and joy to people’s lives.   It was 1976 when I first walked on stage and I never looked back.   When I got to Los Angeles in 1978 I was unsure of where my career was going but I was determined to perform for as many people as I could.   I would sign up for as many shows as I could.  The more shows I would perform the more that people would recognize me and would actually come to see me! 


Soon after I moved to LA I found myself opening up for artists such as Smokey Robinson and Diana Ross.   Comedy was such a natural direction for me to take because I found comedy in everything around me.  Nothing became stale or stagnate because I found laughter in everything I did.  I love what I do because it gives me the ability to make other people happy.   The struggles that I had to face were so small compared to the power that my dream had over me.   I knew that the long days and longer nights would eventually pay off.

I made numerous appearances on TV shows like The Parkers, Seinfeld, The Tonight Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, and Oprah to name a few but I never had anything to really call my own.  Then in 2004 my dream became a reality.  The Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas, NV offered me a 30 day run.  Before the 30 days was up they extended my contract and to this day I perform 5 days out of the week for people from all over the world.   The ability to commit to your dreams is the most powerful and courageous thing that a person can do. 


There will be people who will doubt your talent and your ability to persevere but use that to keep you motivated.   Your dreams are yours and that’s what makes you special so live your dreams.  Make sure you enjoy your life.  Especially to all the young people.  And,  also to the older and more experienced persons that also need advice to living a good life.  Always remember to take the man upstairs along with you.  Where he directs, he protects.  Always do unto others as you would have then do unto you.  Please remember,  if you see someone without a smile, gives them to yours. ‘

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