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Good Afternoon Global Grinders! It really is sad to see the bad press FANTASIA has been getting due to this love triangle between her, Antwaun Cook, and his estranged wife. Regardless of the details this only brings me back to the point of, when is it ever ok to have a relationship with a LEGALLY married man?

Yes, sometimes we as women let our feelings for someone overtake our judgment, but if that means putting our reputation and others in harm’s way for someone who is not all the way ours, what’s the point? 

Now this situation with Fantasia being sued by his soon to be ex-wife, with Antwaun no where in sight is ridiculous. Even after all the drama, the tattoo, and media circus surrounding this ‘affair’ she is now left with NOTHING to show for herself. The man who was supposed to ‘stick by her side’ is now gone, while she endures the drama alone. 

Is this how a relationship is supposed to be? No, don’t think so. I bet Mr. Cook was feeding her all the best lies too like, ‘We’ve been separated for months now’ or ‘I promised me and her are getting a divorce’ or the infamous ‘I don’t love her anymore, it’s the kids I’m worried about’. 

All in all, relationships with married men or ‘separated’ men may be the ‘in’ thing now, but in the long run they come with too much baggage. There are ALWAYS lies that come with affairs like this. Yes you may have the company of a man now, but your not getting the whole man that you deserve. Regardless of what a married man says, he’s NEVER gonna leave his wife and kids for his ‘jump off’. 

So ladies please take this situation with Fantasia as an example, its really not worth your energy or time to waste it with a married man. I wish Fantasia all the best as she deals with this situation, and my prayers go out to her and her family.


-Shay Bae


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