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Some say when you are born with a twin, your born with a built in friend. Pop duo ChristianRich are more like built in business partners–good ones at that. The production duo turned falsetto singing artists have spent the last few years behind the scenes helping to create multi-platinum hits for artists like Ciara, The Clipse, GLC and Lil’ Kim. Their music abilities are endless as they don’t just limit themselves to the genres of rap/hip-hop. Allowing themselves to challenge and cultivate their creativity through music, the two explore many realms of this art through their DJing and production. ChristianRich has also worked with Hey Champ (an electro rock band under Lupe Fiasco’s First & Fifteenth imprint) and electro giant Armand Van Helden. While you may be confused as to which twin is which (they are truly identical twins), don’t allow yourself to be confused as to what ChristianRich brings to the future of music.




Born and bred in Chicago, ChristianRich has also lived in Nigeria and Atlanta before making their home in New York City. At age 11, they first started to play around with production by sampling jazz tracks straight from the radio and using a cassette tape deck to record their vocals. It was then that they knew music would turn into a career for them. While still in Chicago, they would make beats and sell them to local artists and through that work they eventually got one of their beats into the hands of Lil’ Kim. While living in Atlanta a few years back, the two heavily honed in on their production skills and worked with fellow producers such as Bangladesh, The Clutch and other up-and-coming producers within the Atlanta music scene.



After spending a few years behind the scenes, the brothers felt it was time to pursue their musical career together. So in 2008 they moved to New York City to follow their dreams. While in NYC, the two quickly picked up speed as a production force to be reckoned with. On the dance party circuit, the duo was a much sought after DJ act and landed gigs at some of New York City’s hottest spots including the Thompson Hotel and Hotel Rivington. Since being in New York City, they have caught the attention of Diddy, Pharrell Williams, Clinton Sparks and Euro sensation Peter, Bjorn and John. Their single ‘Famous Girl’ was an internet smash. The video for the song, directed by New York City up-and-comers BB Gun, was placed into heavy rotation on the MTV Networks.

Christian Rich – Famous Girl (Directed by BBGUN) from <a href