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Whether you are team iPhone, team Blackberry or if you fall somewhere in between, the phone you choose to use, and how you choose to use it, can say a lot about the person you are, especially how you get down in the bedroom.

Dating site OKCupid recently released a study that states iPhone users have more sex partners than Blackberry and Android users.

This peaked our interest here at Global Grind and we decided to dig deep and find out what else your phone says about your sex life. Check out the five things your cell phone maybe saying about you.


1. One in five iPhone user admit to frequently watching ‘adult material’ on their phones, which is twice as many as Blackberry users.

2. Retrevo Gadgetology Report conducted a survey that found that 11 percent of smartphone users admit to checking their phone during sex and 15 percent admit to answering their cell phone during sex.


3. A study conducted by American Society for Reproductive Medicine found that men who use mobile phones increase their risk of infertility.

4. A survey conducted by Sheraton Hotels&Resorts found that 87 percent of professionals bring their cellphone into the bedroom and 35 percent would choose these devices over their spouses.


5. Thirty four percent of iPhone owners and 29 percent of BlackBerry owners think old gadgets on a potential partner are a turn off.