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So with Valentine’s Day here men across the country are scrambling to make those last minute reservations, get all the heart shaped candy they can find, get all the flowers they can pluck, and hit up every 24hr drug store looking for that perfect card. But for one couple it seems that February 14th is just another day and showing their love for one another isn’t a once a year thing but a 365 day thing. In case you haven’t figured it out I’m referring to the nation’s first couple, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, since coming into our lives they have shown an amazing affection for one another unlike any other President and First Lady. Their displays of affection are common and to me genuine they are truly in love with each other, and they don’t need Valentine’s Day to validate their love. So I’ve put together a soundtrack of their greatest hits. Check it out.

Circa 1980’s Let’s go with Whitney Houston

Election night 2007 I always like that James Blunt song

Wonder what he’s saying? Probably
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