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It’s spring!! We know you can’t tell by the cold rain and all, but trust us, spring is here! How can we tell? Baseball!

Get all the facts and stats on past and present games, teams and players with an MLB-made app. While on your way to a baseball game, read more articles on our national past time via the Read It Later app. After the game is over, create a baseball themed meme to impress your friends.  

What: Read It Later

Made By: Read It Later

What It Does: Your rush hour commute just got easier with Read It Later, an app that lets you save webpages without an internet book marker. You can read articles on the couch or on the go, all without an internet connection.

Platform: Android

Cost: $.99 cents


Screenshot of Read It Later.


What: At Bat 11

Made By: MLB

What It Does: This app is the number one selling app on Itunes. If you are a baseball fanatic who eats, sleeps and dreams about America’s favorite past time, then this is for you. Follow all your favorite teams and gather facts and stats on players, watch live games and annoy your friends and loved ones with awesome trivia. Despair at the the pop-up videos. 

At Bat 11 begins the 2011 MLB season with a free MLB.TV trial, offering subscribers the opportunity to watch every out-of-market game for free on their iPhone or iPod Touch for the entire month of April. The free MLB.TV trial is presented by Volvo.

Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod

Costs:$15.00 on Itunes.


Screenshot of At Bat II.


What: Memefy

Made By: Subooa PTY LTD

What It Does: The memefy app helps you create and share meme images in seconds. Images can be shared via Twitter or Facebook and the images you create are stored and served from the site, as well as serving as the base for any sharing via social networking sites.

Platform: iPad

Costs: $.99 cents