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Futuristic Fashion”…“Fashion Meets Horror”. Those are some of the titles to describe Stevie Boi’s new shade line called, “Malibu Stevie”. SB launched his new line of eyewear and clothing last week Saturday ( May 12th) at the Still Club in Manhattan, New York. The event was successful, and the divas of NYC definitely came out to show off their hottest trends. If you don’t know who Stevie Boi is yet, he is an upcoming designer/stylist.  Stevie has worked with many celebs including R&B sensation Rihanna, and was featured in rapper, Gucci Man’s video ‘911 Emergency’.   

SuzzyB: Who are some of the celebrities you worked with so far? 

Stevie Boi: There are so many! So far I styled Lady Ga Ga, Rasheeda, Lil’ Kim, Yung Joc, Rihanna, and Gucci Man.

SuzzyB:Where can people pick up your shades? 

Stevie Boi: They can check out to get a hold of my shades.


SuzzyB:Where do you get your inspiration from? 

Stevie Boi:I get my inspiration from my nightmares. Anything that I see, things around me like shapes. It’s completely random. For example, that poster on the wall about $50,000 dollars. I’ll just create shades with money and gold. I think I just may do that actually! (laughs)

SuzzyB:Do you have any boutique shops in NYC?

Stevie Boi:Yes, I sell some of my exclusive shades in boutiques in New York City, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and online.

SuzzyB:What artists would you love to make sunglasses for and/or style?

Stevie Boi:The biggest person I would love to work with is Grace Jones. Umm..MIA and Kelis.

SuzzyB:Have you ever worked with an artist(s) and they didn’t want to use your shades?

Stevie Boi:No not yet. A lot of the artist that I worked with so far actually liked my shades. It’s a good way for artists to expand their portfolio and try something new for their image.

For all you shade wearing, attention seeking lovers; Stevie Boi shades are definitely the coolest eyewear that is making a statement in fashion. Here are some of the sites to get a hold of SB sunglasses: // Tweet Stevie Boi @Sbshades

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Enjoy GG’s Exclusive photos of Stevie Boi’s launch party!



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