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Challenging the considered extraordinary to peer into the eyes of the suspense while engaging in the melody of the lyrics without suffering from the force of a popularity contest… Settled with astonishing ears, filled with the charm of wisdom while moving through a village that is known as the District, the Capitol of the United States of America!!! Blessed with leaders of politics with a hidden message, the underground source for music, of music!!! Arms relaxed, fingers expressing a compelling argument with hope regardless of the consequences… Thankful for the right to express oneself, the Freedom of Expression has been masked by the tragedy of a contest, popular to the masses, the same people that dismiss the notion of pointless statements behind closed doors but publicly co-sign because of force… As always, with enlightenment, I am offering a tribute with reasoning & this is a tribute to the Washington, DC rapper, Philip Adetumbi aka Phil Ade! 



The art of storytelling is not lost but found in the lost of the masses… Buried in a sense like a buried treasure chest, only to be opened against the odds with success… Divorced from the simple satisfaction of the basic, I seek to fill my Loft, iPOD, car, & ears while on airplanes with substance worthy of my head nodding with fresh, breath taking rappers like Phil Ade! “Finally got my chance at the game, I’mma lock it” is the introduction line on his song “OMG” which features Skillz & he has the potential to deliver but will the politics of selfish commercial seeking masses dismiss him? Can he survive with intellectual lines while relaxing, “on the joint like a knee brace?”



Phil Ade has been crafting his skills since he was in middle school & there is no doubt that he will not go unnoticed, even the closed minded will take notice of his skills… He was the first artist that Raheem DeVaughn signed to his independent label, 368 Music Group, which Raheem co-founded with Andre “Dre The Mayor” Hopson. Phil Ade’s first major showcase was opening for fellow DC rapper, WALE.  Phil Ade has the support of his boss Raheem DeVaughn, Wale, Tabi Bonney & a list of other rappers… He is an expressionist, lyricist, performer, a star in the shadows that is emerging as a lifeline to rap… He states it rather clearly that he is “starting a revolution” & that he came alone but he is not alone… He has a strong support team & mixtapes to deliver his message…. Phil Ade is a featured artist for the Sneaker Pimps Tour with artist like Tabi Bonney, The Cool Kids, Curren$y, Fat Trel, Ghostface Killah, Redman, Diggy Simmons & Poster Girl.