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This is the  5PM MUSIC HAPPY HOUR, where we will give you a round-up of top 5 top stories in the music world as a cheat sheet to impress the happy hour crowd with up-to-the-minute details on artists and bands. 

Ciara‘s track list for her upcoming album, and Kings of Leon showing up with an acting stunt in a skit called ‘Slappington Manor’ for The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

The Decemberists‘ concert schedule is released and they will be touring shortly after their anticipated album releases all over North America and abroad but make sure to snag the tickets early.

Chromeo and Lykke Li also dropped some hot and toasty music videos today, check it out in the following pages!


The indie band Kings of Leon and hipster are not generally known for slapstick humor but the band  surprised audiences in a sketch for the Jimmy Kimmel show called the ‘Slappington Manor’.


Chromeo released a new video for ‘Hot Mess’ which is a sexy virtual tour into the locker room of a fantastical police station filled with beautiful women and confused men cruising through a misty fog. 

A complete chroeogrpahy of synchronized swimming in a spa along with a lineup with hot women dancing in scandalous tight black dresses naughtily accessorized with police badges and caps.


Following the release of The King Is Dead in January 18th, The Decemberists will begin their tour starting in New York and ending in London. Wye Oak and Mountain Man will be opening for them in North America.

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