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Being married to Alicia Keys is only one out of many reasons a man would want to walk in Swizz Beatz shoes.  Reebok is at no shortage of hot stars to rep their brand with celebs like John Wall and Peyton Manning, tapping into the hip hop industry with Swizzy as their frontman was a natural move for the label that has been a long time player in the streetwear game.

Swizzy‘s swagger may be crucial in terms of bringing the brand street rep up to par with other giants in the business of kicks like Adidas and Nike, and fans have shown plenty of interest in the heat of anticipation. 

Musicians like Kanye, Nas, and Jay-Z, have been dipping their toes in the fashion industry by linking up with dope designers and Swizz is also planning to enter this arena in full force. 

Earlier this year collaborated with Christian Louboutin, and even aside from shoes he announced a collaboration with Aston Martin to design a new model for one of the most loved rides of hip hop.



Twit pic’d like all other important events nowadays, here is a preview of the freshest kicks delivered to you by Swizz Beatz and Reebok.  The neon green piping on lining the bottom of the shoe in zig-zagged triangles give the grey and black kicks a refreshing burst of color.

Don’t put it on this year’s Christmas list though, the release date is said to be sometime in 2011.