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STOP THE VIOLENCE: The list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America for 2010 dropped today and we are not surprised that Chicago took the not so coveted spot.  Using exclusive data developed by Dr. Andrew Schiller’s team at and based on FBI data from all 17,000 local law enforcement agencies the top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods with the highest predicted rates of violent crime in America are analyzed.

Are we surprised that a Chicago neighborhood is number 1? With Derrion Albert and Robert Freeman coming to mind we are not surprised. So what are the factors that go into a neighborhood becoming violent? Could it be drugs, poverty and gangs? It’s most likely all the above, these neighbors are less educated than in most neighborhoods and are low income. Let’s take a look at the facts of the 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in America.



Neighborhood: W. Lake St.

Yes we realize that Derrion Albert wasn’t from this hood, but Chicago as a whole is in a state of emergency. On of the 15% lowest income neighborhoods for the U.S. They are mostly mixed ages, some young upwardly-mobile singles and some families with school-age children. With a nearly 98% black citizen and ost of them ranging in age 0-17.


Cleveland, OH

Neighborhood: Scovill Ave

This young man is Trevor Casey from Toledo, Ohio, assaulted by police and this is the result. Cleveland isn’t that far off from the Chi, Scovill Ave with a 98% black population with 40% of the people between the ages 0-17.


Las Vegas NV

Neighborhood: Balzar Ave

It ain’t all bright lights in the sin city, on Balazar Ave the violent crime comparison per 1,000 residents is the highest in this neighborhood than the entire state of Nevada.


Atlanta GA.

Neighborhood: Carter St.

The A, Carter St.  in particular is the most violent hoods in Atlanta, 126 Crimes per 1,000 residents 118 violent crime incidents.


Philadelphia PA,

Neighborhood: N. 13th Street

Bullies are all over N. 13 St, you chances of being a victim are 1 in 9.


Atlanta GA

Neighborhood: Marietta St.

This Atl street accounts for 114.19 Crimes per 1,000 residents and you have a 1 in 9 chance of being a victim.


Las Vegas NV

Neighborhood: D. St.

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