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As we all know by now, Jay-Z and Beyonce are reportedly expecting their first child. This means that Beyonce and Jay-Z have had sex, and while having sex they were more likely than not listening to music. Obviously we have no idea what kind of music Bey & Jay listen to in the bedroom, but we decided to have some fun and take a few wild guesses. Here is our Bey & Hov Baby Making Playlist!

Artist: Beyonce

Song: ‘Speechless’

This is Beyonce’s best slow-jam ever, and we get the feeling that Jay and Beyonce would totally listen to themselves during intimate moments!


Artist: R. Kelly

Song: ‘Half On A Baby’

Kellz and Hov may have beef (stemming from their failed Best of Both Worlds project), but no one does the baby making jam better than R. Kelly.


Artist: Coldplay

Song: ‘The Scientist’

Chris Martin is Jay’z BFF, so why not!




Artist: Rell

Song: ‘Love For Free’

This is Jay’s best R&B collabo of all time!

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