What if your mother didn’t love you? What if she couldn’t stand the color of your skin? Imagine you had five brothers and or sisters, and you were your mother’s least favorite child.

Let that resonate in your mind as you begin to feel the emotional pain rise in your stomach, and start tearing into your heart. 

It is that pain that inspired one girl on Brave New Voices to write a poem that almost made Common, Rosario and us break into tears. Alright, maybe we’re just lumping Common and Rosario Dawson in with us, but **Sniff**. 

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Common is the ultimate poet, after all he’s the rapper Jay-Z wanted to rhyme like before he sold 5 million record. Common has inspired kids to become poets and lyricist for ages. His song I used to Love H.E.R. has been copied and duplicated more times and we can count. Kids love Common.

Speaking of K.I.D.S. Rosario Dawson‘s legendary role in K.I.D.S. also speaks to the hard ships of the inner city youth all over America. Russell Simmons chose the best hosts for Brave New Voices.

Maybe that’s why they were able to keep their composure when they found out a little girl only wanted to be her mother’s favorite color. 

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As we secretly wiped our tears in the theater, when the young woman walked on stage crying we smiled that she was inspired to create something that beautiful. So when Brave New Voices airs Saturday at 11pm as yourself if you will be able to hold back your tears like Common and Rosario Dawson did. 

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