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Juan Williams was fired by NPR, the news organization announced late on Wednesday night that it has terminated the contract of longtime analyst Juan Williams over his comments on Fox News that, when he is on a plane with Muslims, ‘I get nervous.’

It ain’t safe out there anymore, like Rick Sanchez, Williams is the latest commentator to be bounced for something they said. This latest controversy will most likely revolve around free speech and what we can say, the fact of the matter is unpopular speech is free speech but when you say things that are sensitive and offend a group of people expect to feel the backlash.


Don Imus

Don Imus, the New York radio personality got canned by CBS when he made some really stupid comments against the Rutgers University women’s basketball team players. Imus and his cohorts described the girls as ‘rough girls’ while his executive producer Bernard McGuirk responded by referring to them as ‘hardcore hos’. The discussion continued with Imus describing the girls as ‘nappy-headed hos’. As a result CBS cancelled his show.


Rush Limbaugh 

In October of 2003, Rush Limbaugh, working for ESPN had some thoughts about then Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donavan McNabb,

 ‘Sorry to say this, I don’t think he’s been that good from the get-go, I think what we’ve had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn’t deserve. The defense carried this team.’

Limbaugh resigned after making his statements after a backlash of outrage aimed at ESPN and their affiliates. Why ESPN decided to hire Limbaugh is a mystery they should have known Rush is going to be himself.


Rick Sanchez

CNN’s Rick Sanchez made some controversial comments on a Sirius radio show, calling Jon Stewart a ‘bigot’ and saying that CNN and the other networks are all run by Jewish people.

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