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Last night was a sad night for TV: it was the season two finale of MTV’s hit show ‘Jersey Shore.’ This season, which might have been a little slow at parts, was overall fun and drama filled, just what we like to see!

This episode was filled of the usual suspects cooking meals, going to the club, roommates fighting, drinking and of course Ron and Sammi fought, big shocker on the last one.

Since this season took place in Florida, the Jersey Shore roommates decided to take a road trip to the Everglades to do an airboat tour.

After the tour, and almost getting eaten by some gators, just kidding, the Jersey Shore cast decided to try some local cooking, frog legs, but Jwoww and Ronnie were not having. Jwoww had to excuse herself from the table before she felt like she was going to throw up. Yum.

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Of course Pauly and Vinny wanted to make sure they got to see their Miami girls one time before they depart. Vinny set up a date with his girl Ramona, who was late again, and Pauly went out Rocio, neither brought the girls back to smoosh, these girls are different to the boys, they actually like them, so they’ll wait.

Sammi and Ron wanted to go out on a dinner date for the last night too. While out to eat Ron and Sammi got into a fight, surprised? I didn’t think so. This fight started when Sammi wanted to talk about the future and, as Ron put it ‘Mr. Hide came out to play.’

The two continued to argue at the restaurant and when they got back to the house, which delayed the rest of the housemates for going out to the club together.

Vinny drew the last straw the break the couple up so they could get on the road to go out to the club.
After t-shirt time, the roommates headed to the club, where Ron and Sam continued to fight, until Sammi apologized for being wrong. It was smooth sailing after that. Everyone was having fun, dancing, meeting guys and girls.

Vinny got himself into a little situation, no pun intended. It seems as though two girls approached Vinny for a threesome, but because he’s love struck with Ramona, Vinny had to ‘Say no to hoes.’

The girls didn’t leave the club empty handed though, the situation was there to scoop up the girls and within three minute of talking to the girls they were off to the bathroom.

Now we’re not too sure what happened in that bathroom stale, but if you understand some of the hand signs the situation used to say what happened, then you know the situation got what he wanted.
Since it was the second to last day, it was time to clean out the fridge, which was Jwoww’s job. Things were pretty gross in there, they still had containers of food from when Vinny’s family came to visit, now that was abou