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Now that season two of Jersey Shore has come to an end, sad face, what are fans to do? Well we know we still have the reunion episode next week to hold us over. Lets hope they give us the dates for when season three will premiere since we know they have already finished filming it down where it all started Seaside Heights on the Jersey Shore.

Anyways back to season two, this season had a lot going on. Everything the Jersey Shore cast did was bigger and more outrageous from season one. There was way more fighting going on this season, not so much with the guys, but the girls this time around.

With the end of this season of Jersey Shore you know we have to bring up the what the f*ck moments from this season. We’ve got the relationships, and the hook ups, the fights and the random sayings brought to you by your favorite Gudios and Guidettes.

First up: Ronnie and Sammi’s Relationship

I’m pretty sure there wasn’t an episode this season these two didn’t get into a fight. The season started off with Ronnie and Sammi on not so good terms and fought, which lead Sammi to leave the club upset while Ronnie stayed and ‘creeped’ on girls. But when it was time to go home from the club Ronnie climbed into bed with Sammi, WTF?!

As the season went on their relationship kept hitting the highs and lows but they ended on a good note. We’ll find out at the reunion show if the two are still going strong.

Up Next: The note – the reason for problems with Ronnie and Sammi’s relationship and what tore apart the girls in the house.

The Note

When Snooki and Jwoww found out what Ronnie had done at the club (Angelina was at the club the night it happened) the first night they wanted to tell Sammi, but didn’t want to say it to her face. After seeing and knowing how Ronnie was playing their friend Snooki, Jwoww and Angelina talked about telling Sammi what was going on and decided the only way to tell her was to write her an anonymous note explaining everything.

Right you want to sneak a note in your house, into Sammi’s things a note explaining what happened while out with other roommates, who else has access to this kind of stuff, WTF?!

The way Snooki and Jwoww thought Sammi would never known they wrote the note, using words like ‘breast.’ WTF?!

When Sammi found the note, she confronted Ronnie and told him they were done, which lasted a good 10 minutes in the episode and it some how brought the couple closer together. WTF?

Up next: Jwoww and Sammi fight.
Jwoww and Sammi Fight

So the note brought Sammi and Ronnie closer together, even though it was supposed to show her all thing bad things he has been doing behind her back, and tore apart the friendship between Sammi and Snooki and Jwoww. No one would own up to writing the note, which annoyed Sammi, but she knew the girls were behind it.

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