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Baracka Flacka Flame, ‘I’m The head of the motherfucking state ni**a, I brought you change ni**a, what the fu*k you thinking ni**a!.’  That one line is heating up the internet courtesy of Baracka Flocka Flame a parody that premiered yesterday and is currently making its rounds on websites and internet blogs. 

The video depicts Barack Obama and Michelle Obama in the hood smoking, drinking and dancing. Born from Waka Flocka Flames “Hard in the Paint” video this video takes the Barack Obama angle.

So People are saying it’s ignorant and offensive, some are saying taking it for what it is, a parody , and some are saying that it’s straight up disrespectful on account of all the N word bombs. 

But when you think about it, Presidents have always been ripe for parody. From Dave Chappelle to Richard Pryor they have all given their take on the black president. And in their parodies the President always comes off as aggressive angry and hood to a degree. So should we be angry at this one? The degree of the parody is harsh but a parody nonetheless, peep some other Presidential parodies and you be the judge.



Dave Chappelle does his classic black George W. Bush, Black Bush. Take a look. 


Legendary Richard Pryor doing the first black President as a jive talking angry President that get in a fight.


Alphacat is most notably the king of the Obama parodies from ‘Blame it’ to ‘Single Ladies’. Take a look at some of Alphacat’s best spoofs.

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